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PrO-Hospital Centrifuge Range

The PrO-Hospital range are the Clinical master centrifuges All have bright blue LED displays for clarity.

A buzzer is fitted to assist the busy technicians.

All have 10 programs, acceleration & deceleration rates Choice of rotors throughout the range suited to clinical applications.

Capacities are from micro to 3 litre.

You need the best separations for your Clinical Laboratory. these are for you.

And 3 year warranty to prove our reliability and quality.

A Centrifuge is the most common basis of laboratory. Centurion Scientific clinical laboratory centrifuges can be found worldwide in hospital laboratories and doctors surgeries.


  • Extra thick Stainless steel bowl
  • Port to lid
  • Alloy & steel frame with composite’s
  • World leading Industrial grade Inverter
  • Best Quality European Brushless motor
  • High technology airflow (ambient models)
  • All centrifuges have user accessible service sections to access all safety parameters
  • Bright blue LED display
  • Rotor recognition CR2000, CR4000/R & CR7000/R
  • 10 acceleration rates 10 deceleration rates
  • 10 memory
  • Timer 0-99 minutes & Hold in 30 second increments
  • Pulse short run
  • Run in Speed (Rpm) or Rcf (G) in 10 Rpm increments
  • Sound
  • Orientation acceleration rate
  • Multi point lid locking
  • Emergency lid release
  • Lid gas struts
  • Lid lock detection
  • Imbalance detection
  • Overspeed Sensor
  • Set inverter values
  • Barrier ring
  • Motor overheat sensor

The use of centrifuge technology is critical in the clinical laboratory setting for the separation of liquid and solid components. In laboratories performing biochemical analyses on body fluids, centrifuges are routinely used to separate blood cells from serum/plasma, to separate sediment from urine, to measure he volume fraction of erythrocytes in blood (the heamaocrit), and to separate bound from free components in protein binding immunoprocdures. Less routinely , centrifugation is used for separation of lipoproteins in reference procedures for their measurement, separation of cellular components and separation of DNA fragments.

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